We hope this strategy will be useful to the museums of Surrey, and to those who work with them and on their behalf. It sets out our vision that the 41 museums in the county will meet minimum standards, and that many will excel. The strategy comes from · A 'needs analysis' based upon research by our regional museums agency · A strategic review of the work of SMCC undertaken by Chris Drake, West Sussex Museums Development Officer · Consultation with museums and stakeholders.


The plan sets out twenty 'general actions', and a number of specific actions to enable all museums to achieve a basic level, and encourage museums to attain higher levels in:

  • Planning and Consultation
  • ICT as a management tool
  • Audience Development / Marketing
  • Intellectual Access - Display
  • Intellectual Access - Informal Learning
  • Intellectual Access - Formal Learning
  • Physical/Sensory Access
  • Environment
  • Storage
  • Housekeeping and Security
  • Documentation
  • Personal and Community Development

The SMCC officers will 'support' actions taken by museums or their governing bodies through:

  • An annual visit to each museum
  • Provision of training, including access to the SMCC library and other resources
  • Telephone, letter and email response to ongoing needs
  • Grant aid
  • Advocacy

In addition to ongoing support, several major projects are suggested in this plan, including:

  • A Photograph Collections Survey
  • SurreyScape (web access to collections information)
  • County wide Archaeology store
  • Design studio
  • Employment of ICT/Documentation officer
  • Rolling archaeology programme
  • Employment of marketing officer

We will help museums to access SMCC resources by publishing an annual listing of SMCC team responsibilities, planned grant rounds (with priorities), updates on project work and other general and specific actions, and training schedule.

You can also view infomation from our annual report here.

For more information about Surrey Museums Consultative Committe, or to recieve the full text of the development plan or annual report,
please contact us.