Geology is the study of the earth, particularly the history, structure and processes that have moulded the rocks, lifeforms, atmosphere and oceans over vast periods of time. Geologists are also interested in the interactions between humans and the earth; for example, the human use of mineral resources, and trying to predict the threats posed to humans by volcanoes, earthquakes, landslides and polluted ground water.

The Geology of Surrey - a description of a number of physical and geological features of the county.

Useful links to sites containing geological information.

Within Surrey, there are a large number of geological specimens found within museums, schools and other public institutions. These specimens are largely held in 23 museums and other institutions, listed below:

List of all museums within Surrey

Complete Index of local fossils, rocks and minerals found within museums in the county

Other geological collections within the county

Collections of Surrey rocks and fossils within museums outside of the county

Other geological resources and sources of geological information about Surrey

Information contained within these (geology) webpages comes largely from a 1993-1994 countywide collections research initiative commissioned by the Surrey County Museums Consultative Committee. The survey and research involved was available to the county at no cost thanks to the generous sponsorship of the South Eastern Museums Service Traveling Geology Curator scheme by British Gas plc and the Geologists Association.

Based on the needs identified in this survey, the Heritage Lottery Fund has grant aided a programme of enhanced geology collections care and interpretation, of which these pages are a part.

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