We are an umbrella organisation working on behalf of museums  in Surrey working in partnership with the district and borough councils of Surrey and Surrey County Council. We have been in existence in this form since 1993.

We develop partnerships with those in tourism, arts, heritage, culture, education, archives, libraries and area museum councils. We provide advice, information and practical assistance to anyone connected with Surrey's museums in such areas as:

  • education
  • exhibitions
  • professional and grant aid matters
  • conservation and preservation
  • heritage initiatives and programmes
  • collections management, skills enhancement and training
  • audience development and marketing
  • event publicity and promotion

To date, we have given grants of over £100, 000 to museums in Surrey to enable them carry out some of the work they do.

SMCC also works closely with central, regional and local government initiatives and bodies.

We are based at the Surrey History Centre in Woking.