Our aim

Our aim is to make substantial contributions to the increased:

  • awareness
  • enjoyment
  • use and
  • professional standards of museums in Surrey, and that
  • the community and economic benefits of our museums will be recognised locally regionally nationally

Our beliefs  

We are committed to promoting the widest possible access to museums, their ideas and their collections.   We see learning, in its widest sense, as a life long and life enhancing activity and that museums have a fundamental role in this.   We are here to enable museums to sustain and develop their work.    We believe museums have a vital role to play in education, learning, community spirit, well-being, opportunity and recreation.

Our ten guiding principles:

  1. take every opportunity to maximise financial and other resources for the benefit of museums
  2. aid communication for all those involved with SMCC
  3. be realistic and achievable
  4. have tangible and measurable outcomes
  5. help raise the profile of museums to both councillors and the public
  6. improve standards of museums - behind the scenes and front of house
  7. be enabling for museums, not directive of prescriptive
  8. provide access and involvement for all types of museums
  9. take account of the wider framework within which Surrey museums operate
  10. be forward looking and strategic