Collections Management

  • Implement key recommendations of previous surveys

  • Support museums through Registration

  • Further surveys


  • Promote the use of collections for curriculum support (other than history, particularly Science and Technology)

  • Work with Secondary schools

  • Encourage schools to use lesser used museums

  • Provide professional advice to voluntary museums

  • Initiate a more proactive involvement with teachers

"We will work with museums to develop a sustainable framework for museum education."


  • Raise awareness of the importance of marketing with museums

  • Raise the public profile of museums in Surrey and thereby increase their support

  • To encourage museums to develop a better awareness of existing and potential customers and their needs

Visitor Services

  • Encourage more and greater use of museums through the promotion of high quality front of house services

Museum Management

  • Encourage museums to adopt sound management approaches in order to maximise resources in a competitive environment

  • Encourage each local authority to clarify their policy to museums within their area

  • Help those working in all types of museums to acquire the skills and resources to manage a modern museum service